Welcome to Waggin' Tails Training, LLC

copperweb2.jpgWaggin’ Tails classes are positive and fun and use motivators and rewards to create a dog who is excited to learn new skills and behaviors. It’s much more effective to teach your pet what you want him or her to do than to punish undesirable behaviors.

At Waggin’ Tails we believe there is more to training a dog than just teaching him/her commands. Our training program consists of several aspects in creating a well-mannered family pet, constant companion or performance dog. Training specific behaviors, using positive and fun methods, is only one of these aspects. Your dog also requires appropriate exercise, proper nutrition, management, and a strong, trusting relationship. Waggin’ Tails incorporates all of these components. Emphasis is placed on attention skills, self-control and leadership exercises, taught to your dog using fun, valuable motivators and "life rewards".